Do you think is true or false that the cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted diseased?

- It's true. The cervical cancer is catched by the human papilloma virus (HPV) witch is a sexually transmitted diseased.





Do you know if the treatment for the NIC I is the conization?

- No, the NIC I is a low grade intraepithelial lesion that in the 90% of the cases heal alone. We just need to whatch carefully because sometimes appears sprout in the cervix area and we need to do a treatment called CRYO CAUTERIZATION where we freeze The cervix for a few minutes eliminating and renewing the afected area. It's painless and ambulatory treatment. If you Doctor send you a conization ask for another opinion with other Doctor because that is not necesary at all.






What does the VPH Test consist of?

- The VPH test consist of taking a sample of your cervical cells. It's a test like the pap smears. In order to detect the presence of VPH the virus That causes cervical cancer in your system. The VPH TEST have been designed to detect any of the 13 types of VPH.
If the test is possitive, you have one or more of the viruses that causes the cervical cancer but in the 90% of the cases the body auto detroyed the virus.
If the test is negative, means that you haven't have any contact with the virus and you probably won't have any cervical cancer in the 3 to 5 years ahead but you should be vaccinated against cervical cancer.



My gyn is advicing me to get a conization because of NIC I and he told me if I don't get that, I will have cervical cancer in 5 years.

- No be careful, that's no true. You don't need to treat your NIC I because it dessapear alone and the conization is unnecesary. You just have to visit your gyn every 3 months and get your pap smears. Ask for another opinnion or change your gyn. It's safe for your health






My doctor is going to do a biopsy but people told me that the pain is too strong and he will left me a tampon because of the vaginal bleeding.

- That's an old technique. Nowadays we do the biopsies with the latest generation equipments which don't left scars near the cervix called COLPOSCOPY. We use the radiofrecuency for the bleeding almost without pain but if the pacient is a little bit scare or anxious we sedated her with local anesthesiology to avoid pain and make the pacient feel safe with the procedure. The tampons are out because the patient must leave the Doctor's office without any bleeding.





The menstrual cramps can be treated without any medication?

- Yes, of course. We use alternative medicine like chromotherapy. We put some color filters with geometrical form in the pelvic area or lower abdomen for just a few minutes. After 3 sessions we started to see the results. The menstrual cramps are also called Dysmenorrhoea.




A woman with no kids can be candidate to get Vaginal Rejuvenation.

- She may have the surgery if she have phisical and aesthetical conditions that merit the surgery.


How long does the Vaginal Rejuvenation take?

- It depends on the complexity of the surgery but in general, It's about 1 to 2 hours long.



How many time do i have to wait to start sexual activity after the surgery?

- We suggest to wait 6 weeks at least but your Doctor will tell you exactly the time after a complete evaluation of the surgery.



How much does the surgery cost?

- The price included: the clinic, the anesthesiologist, a surgerya asistant, the surgeon fees and the post-surgery cares. It also depends on the type of surgery and the time it takes. In that case, we have to exam the patient to define the total cost.






I'm very interested in the surgery but i would like to get more info about that.

- There's two types of procedures:

The VAGINOPLASTY: which is related with sexual pleasure. The surgeon decrease the internal diameters and the entrance of the vagine. This type of surgery is frecuently in women with kids but nowadays we are using this method in women with no kids, those who have centain degree of vaginal relaxation.
- The VULVOPLASTIA: is the procedure where the surgeon redesign the external look of the vagine. He redefined the labia minora and mayora, the clitoris and the vestibule of the vagine. If you want more info about the surgery, search the section VAGINAL REJUVENTACION where we explain in detail the surgery.





After the child birth my sexual life have changed because i don't feel the same. Does this problem have any solution?

Yes, sure. We reduced the internal diameter of your vagine with laser incisions and in just one hour your life will change and your partner life as well. The vagine amplitude is caused by child births but we can change that and improve your sexual live.




Sometimes i have involuntary loss of urine called incontinence. Can you fix it with surgery?

Yes, of course. Any cosmetic gynaecilogical surgery such as VAGINOPLASTY and VULVOPLASTIA can be combined with other surgeries to fix the urinary incontinence, "Prolapsed bladder and rectum" and other plastic surgeries.



I'm too young to have inner labia too big. Can I get a surgery to fix it? And if I can, they will grow up eventually?

Yes, you can have the surgery and fix it. I have experience in this type of surgery with girls between 12 to 14 years old. The results are fantastic and they won't change ever.