"I don't have enough words to express my happiness and satisfaction, I just can say: it was a magical surgery".
C. V. "I was having a really strong period, lots of pain and menstrual cramps for over a year. I wentto the gyn who told me that i need a surgery to get rid of my womb.
I was afraid of that but a friend of mine told me to go to Dr. Ochoa who does that type of surgery through my vagine without scars, easy recovery and almost not pain at all.
I follow my friend's advice, i got surgery with Dr. Ochoa. He calls it " histereptomia vaginal sin prolapso". It was a great experience. The day after surgery I was at home without pain and healed very fast. Thanks Dr. Ochoa I feel fantastic"
J.A. "I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and my health insurance system advice me to get rid of my wond through my stomach but I did some research about that and found that Dr. Ochoa does the same surgery through my vagine without any scars. I visited Dr. Ochoa who explained me about the surgery through my vagine but he told me that because of my big wond there's small change to open my stomach depending on the size of the wond. But luckely, the surgery took just 30 minutes thru my vagine. I recovered really fast, almost no pain althought my wond weight was 2 pounds. It was amazing, i really recomended this type of surgery because is painless and a new fantastic technique!"
J.Q. "I'm 37 years old with 2 kids. I felt uncomfortable with my vagine because i felt it big and "open" when I was having sex with my husband. I got surgery with Dr. Ochoa six months ago and my sex life had change. I get two days recovery at home and I started my sex life two months after and it was so great!"

S. T. "I have a 12 years old daughter who realized that her inner lips (labia minora) were oversized and asymmetrical, one more than the other one. She told me that she felt so bad and was scare to tell me. We went to Dr. Ochoa's appointment and he told us that there are other girls with the same problem. We decided to get the surgery snd it was fantastic. My daughter and I are so blessed with Dr. Ochoa because everything was good. She didn't feel pain at all and the recovery was so fast. She just lost 3 days to the school"

M.L. "I'm 39 years old and divorced 6 months ago. I decided to do some changes in my body with plastic surgery and then I saw Dr. Ochoa's interview in a local channel so I feel curious about the vaginal rejuvenation. I went to Dr. Ochoa's appointment and he told me that incan have my plastic surgeries with my Vaginal Rejuvenation at the same time. I did it and my life have changes because my confidence is high, i feel gorgeous and have a New partner in life and I feel so young!"
C.F. "I'm 21 years old but I felt bad about my vagine look. I don't have kids yet and i was thinking to fix it after my pregnancies. But I was so sad and ashamed with my boyfriend because he didn't like my vagine appearance as well. We found Dr. Ochoa's web site and the surgeries he did. We found that my vagine can be different and i don't have to wait until i decided to have kids. But we went first to another Doctor but the warmth, gentleness, kindness, joyful and hospitality of Dr Ochoa made me decided to got the surgery with him. It was amazing and i feel blessed thanks to Dr. Ochoa!"
  *These testimonies are real Dr. Ochoa cases.For privacy reasons we protect their identities.