Genital prolapse is the descent through the walls of the vagina and sometimes the pelvic organs. There are different types and degrees of severity. Usually, the woman identified as a heavy feeling in the genitals; or by the presence of increased volume as evidenced by the efforts.

This may be cystocele – rectocele, uterine or combinations of these.
Thanks to the combination of classical techniques that modern modifications and the use of mesh in the treatment of prolapse such as abdominal hernias are added have decreased surgical failures that came to 30% at 5 years to less than 5 %.

Currently Genital Prolapse Surgery is fundamentally based on four pillars:


Functional anatomical knowledge of the pelvic floor
Site specific repair techniques
Using synthetic systems or biological suspension called mesh, anchored fixed to hold such important organs such as the bladder, rectum and uterus sites.
Clinical experience

These foundations allow an anatomical and functional reconstructive surgery with excellent results. The procedures are performed vaginally and are very quick and painless recovery.